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Personal Assistants for Life Long Learning


Personal Assistants for Life Long Learning: Learning with Conversational Agents that Launch Multiple Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Learning Resources Professor Art Graesser Psychology and the Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Memphis Abstract Intelligent adaptive learning environments are destined to become more prominent with advances in artificial intelligence, big data, and learning analytics. These sophisticated...

Unbundling Higher Education: A New Site of Contestation for Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, and Assessment?


Alan Cliff and Rebecca Swartz, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) University of Cape Town, South Africa  This seminar grapples in particular with the opportunities and challenges for curriculum (teaching, learning and assessment) presented by processes of unbundling in public higher education institutions in South Africa (and by implication in the U.K. and...

Technology for Teaching Professionalism


In this talk David Williamson Shaffer Vilas, Distinguished Achievement Professor of Learning Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will look at how immersive virtual worlds can be used to develop and assess professional ways of thinking.

Digital Making event


This event is an opportunity to share highlights from a research project on “Digital Making” involving two schools in Leeds.

Learning with Intelligent Tutors and Worked Examples: Selecting Learning Activities Adaptively


The main learning activity provided by Intelligent Tutoring Systems is problem solving, although several recent projects show the benefit of combining problem solving with worked examples. Previous research has shown that learning from examples is an effective learning strategy, especially for novice learners. A worked example provides step-by-step explanations of how a problem is solved....