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Embracing Digital Innovation for Humanity


The First INDIRE Conference will be dedicated to exploring the vast frontiers of digital innovation and its profound impact on humanity. It will be held in Chalkidiki Greece (29 Jun to 6 Jul 2024) and it aims to be a melting pot of ideas, showcasing a diverse array of contributions from original research to stories and observations. Deadline for contributions closes on 15 May 2024.

More Information & Submission Guidelines

The conference program includes a series of workshops designed to enhance the work of participants as researchers and educators. Topics include data science, digital age pedagogy, thesis writing, scientific publishing, and knowledge equity, in an inspiring setting conducive to creativity, cross-fertilization of ideas, and meaningful interactions.

Thematic Research and Applied Clusters (TRAC) will focus on areas such as Education Innovations, Online Pedagogy, Global Governance, Healthcare Innovations, or Green Aviation, providing a platform for scientific presentations and discussions.

Indire embraces a wide variety of intellectual work reflecting on the interaction between digital innovations and humanity. All accepted papers will be pre-published with a DOI and included in the conference proceedings under their respective categories.

Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity (JDIH):

In line with the conference, Indire also invites contributions to the Journal of Digital Innovation for Humanity (JDIH). JDIH is a peer-reviewed, open journal that addresses the intricate interplay between technology and human existence. With four spheres of inquiry: the person, the self, society, and the world, JDIH aims to centralize the scattered dialogue on digital innovation's impact on humanity.

The journal welcomes a broad spectrum of contributions, not limited to original research but also including position papers, reviews, and literature reappraisals. This is a call to reorient research methodologies and embrace innovative paradigms for co-existing with digital intelligence.